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New Enduro/Trail rim available, now using wide 30mm profile, making it even stronger and keeping the proper tyre profile. This tough high-end rim is made of superalloy material with a special heat-treatment procedure. New Dynamal material offers superior mechanical properties. Due to the dynamic ageing resulting in ultra-fine grain structures the ultimate tensile strength and yield of material is increased. Super lightweight but still extremely strong and way more stiff than standard alloys used in most rims.

Dynamal material will meet the demands of team riders and gravity expectations due to unparelleled rigidity. A sleeved connection results in a strong and impact resistant rim and also saves weight due to the specific rim profile. The Enigma Dynamal Lite rims are 30mm wide and 22mm high. Another feature is the high-end graphic application technique that makes these
rims stand out. Available in 27.5” size and 32h drilling only. Wide, pressure resistant NS rim tape completes the package. Tubless ready. Special bead design works well with all tires even at low air pressures, esily sealing the rim and tire in tubeless aplication, also reducing pinch flats with standard tubes.

Colour: black

NEW FOR 2016
Dynamal alloy material
new wider rim profile
FV / Presta instead of AV/Schrader
intended use: Enduro, Trail, Freeride
super light wide rims, yet still bombproof
material: Dynamal alloy blend with high hardness level, high strength and stiffness
yield & tensile strenght +15% higher than previous Enigma models,
elongation at break +25% higher than previous Enigma models
sleeved connection (pressed and additionally bonded with epoxy)
width: 30mm (external), 25mm (internal)
height: 22mm
designed for standard 3 cross lacing
very hard material does not require the use of eyelets
NS Bikes quality high pressure resistant rim strap included
valve hole: FV / Presta
tubeless ready profile
*tubeless tape and valves are not included
disc brake only
Size: 27.5” (584mm)
ERD: 27.5”: 554mm
drilling: 32h
weight: 480g anodised, 495g painted +15g NS rim tape

Colour: black